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New WordPress theme from YOOtheme

Welcome 'Explorer', our new December theme. The Explorer theme features really extensive themed variations for different purposes and different font-faces using CSS3. Like all our latest themes, Explorer is based on the Warp5 WordPress theme framework.

Theme variations at its best

This time we have taken it a step further, to provide you great looking variations for websites about Adventure trips, Traveling, Vacations, Sports and Blogging. Further to provide a overall consistent layout, every variation comes with it's own style for the widgets. So make sure to check out every single theme variation! This theme also features a large top widget position to publish your pictures or promotional content.

CSS3 Web Fonts

In Explorer, we used one of the great new features of CSS3, the font-face rule. With font-face you can enhance your website by using your favorite font. Just have a look at the post- and widget headlines of this site. We also included different fonts for the theme variations.

Get Explorer and join the YOOtheme club today.

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